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The number one online magazine written for college women. Her Campus features content from politics to beauty and everything in between.



UC Santa Barbara’s own on-campus radio station covering news, sports, music and entertainment.

Why I Write

"Within each of us is a story worth telling."

My first experience with writing took the form of barely legible sentences on construction paper by my six-year old hand. As time passed, I transitioned from novice story teller to analytical pro. This skill manifested itself after becoming an English major at UCSB. When writing essays was no longer enough, I sought a creative outlet in the form of journalistic and multimedia prose. I've become well-versed in writing for various mediums. I write to create, to entertain and to inform. Above all, I write to tell stories because within each of us is a story worth telling. My work brings these stories to life.

Personal Favorites

A few articles I'm quite fond of.

Going for A HIKE?

The Santa Barbara Independent
The first article I wrote for the outdoors section of The Indy. An adventurous piece – I visit local hiking trails and beaches via public transportation.

10 Lies You Tell Yourself…

Her Campus UCSB
This listicle was the first of many I wrote for Her Campus UCSB. Humorous gifs illustrate the ‘can-do’ attitude most students embody with a new school year ahead of them – although they discover their plans may be slightly ambitious.

Latinos in higher education

A news article I wrote and read live on the radio, written when UCSB was named a hispanic service institution. This piece highlights a campus organization committed to increasing the number of latino students in college.

Small Business, Big Heart

Multimedia Writing
A multimedia story written as a final project for a multimedia writing class. The experiences of two small business owners within Isla Vista, CA are told in this interactive narrative.

Thinking Big, While Building Tiny

The Santa Barbara Independent
A profile article written for The Indy’s Home & Garden Issue. A Santa Barbaran designer explains his unique history and craftsmanship.

You know You’re at UCSB When

Her Campus UCSB
In this listicle I illustrate a number of aspects unique to UCSB. Her Campus’s national chapter published this article as a “Top Chapter Story” and received over 400 views within the first week of being published.

The SB Drought

A news piece explaining Santa Barbara’s solutions to the approaching California drought in 2014.

Mother Knows Best

Multimedia Writing
A multimedia narrative that takes a closer look at the rising number of millennials choosing to live at home with their parents as opposed to other living arrangements.

Document Design

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